●Academic Regulations

AY2019-2020 Tuition Fees

●NCTU Student Withdrawal Refund Guidelines-201803

●NCTU Regulations for Master and Doctoral Degrees Conferment-201912

●NCTU Guidelines for the Interaction between Thesis Advisor and Graduate Students

●NCTU Guidelines for Bachelor’s Degree Candidates Applying for Graduating Early

●Regulations for a Dual-Degree by National Chiao Tung University and Overseas Universities

●National Chiao Tung University Direct Pursuit of PhD Degree Regulations

●National Chiao Tung University Minor Study Regulations

●National Chiao Tung University Double Major Regulations

●National Chiao Tung University Credit Transfer Regulations-201912

●Thesis Format & Example

●Student Request Form (docx) | odt

●Stduent Request Form( Delayed Payment of Tuition) (docx) | odt

NCTU Application for Suspension from school-201810(docx) | (pdf)

NCTU Application for Withdrawal-201810(docx) | (pdf)

●NCTU-Application-for-Credit-Transfer (docx)| (pdf)

●Undergraduate Department (Program) Transfer & University Transfer Application Form (doc) | odt

●NCTU Application for Minor Study, Double Major (doc) | odt

●NCTU Application for Academic Documents (doc) | odt

●NCTU Application for Academic Documents-Alumni (doc) | odt

●NCTU Application for Academic Documents-enrolled student (doc) | odt

●NCTU Academic Documents Application Form for Non Degree Student (doc) | odt

●NCTU Application for Course Exemption (docx) | (pdf)


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