Spring 2020 Reminders: Registration and Tuition Fee Payment

By Academic English Site | 2020-02-11 |


Spring 2020 Reminders: Registration and Tuition Fee Payment

Due to the recent outbreak of New Coronavirus worldwide, NCTU has made some changes to the following important dates on the university calendar:


1.Spring Semester Begins: March 2, 2020

2.Registration Period: February 7 – March 4, 2020

3.Last Day to Drop with 2/3 Refund: April 10, 2020

4.Last Day to Drop with 1/3 Refund: May 22, 2020

5.Spring Semester Ends: July 3, 2020


Students shall show enrollment with the University in a timely manner at the start of each semester.  If the registration is not completed within 3 days from the start of this semester, please submit the delayed payment request form with all the required stamps to the Division of Registration.

Note: Students who fail to meet the payment deadline will be expelled.


Download and Payment of Registration Bill: https://tuition.nctu.edu.tw/cashier/default.asp?lang=eng
Download delayed payment form: http://aadm.nctu.edu.tw/en/registrar/