1. Curriculum Schedule
  2. Classroom Code
  3. Course Credits
    • Courses are calculated by credits. One hour of extracurricular courses each week is one credit per semester; Two to three hours of practical training or experiment courses each week is on credit per semester.
  4. Credit Limitation
    • Undergraduate students should take at least 15 credits each semester for the first three school years and at least 9 credits for the fourth year. Special conditions agreed by the chair of the department are not under this regulation.
  5. Continuous Courses
    • Courses which are separated into two semesters should be taken in proper order. Students who failed last semester may continue to take the class next semester with the agreement of the department and teacher.
Course Selection
  1. Course Registration Procedure
  2. Receiving Credit for Course Work Completed at Another Campus
  3. Time-conflicted Course Registration
  4. Withdrawing Courses
Application Form
  1. Online Course Add and Drop Application Form (doc) odt
  2. Behind Time Course Add and Drop Application Form (doc) odt
  3. Credit-Acquiring Student Course Registration Form (doc) odt
  4. Time-conflict & Taking Course Application Form (doc) odt
  5. cf06-Student-Course-Withdrawal-Application-Form(doc) odt
  1. Student Course Registration Policies of National Chiao Tung University
  2. Student Credit Fee Policies
  3. Student Course Withdrawal Application Policies
  4. Classroom Management and Leasing Regulations
  5. National Chao Tung University Summer School Organization Regulations
  6. NCTU Policy of Domestic and Oversea Cross-college Course Taking
  7. Regulations for General Education Courses of Undergraduate International Students
  8. Renaissance Reading Program Implementation
  9. NCTU Service Learning Course Measures
  10. Arts Appreciation Education Poliey
  11. Code of Practice for the Arts Appreciation Education Poliey
  12. National Chiao Tung University Methods of Military Training Courses
  13. NCTU Physical Education Methods
  14. National Chiao Tung University Methods of Taking College-Program Courses
  15. The Implementation Rules for Establishment of Programs in Colleges and Departments
  16. Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Education on Internet Copyrights Course at National Chiao Tung University
  17. Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Education on Academic and Research Ethics Course at National Chiao Tung University
  18. Teaching Hours Accounting Principles
  19. Leave Application and Substitute Teacher Management Regulations
  20. Teaching Opinion Survey Implementation Regulations
  21. Regulations Governing the Establishment and Conferral of Teaching Award
  22. National Chiao-Tung University Instructors Giving English Medium Courses Reward Policy
  23. National Chiao Tung University Rules Governing Gender Equality Curricula Incentive
  24. Enforcement Fundamentals of the Ministry of Education in Subsidizing Senior High Schools and Higher Level Schools in Academic Guidance for Overseas Chinese Students
  25. Curriculum Committee Establishment Guidelines
  26. Guidelines for Administering Professional Development Programs for Working Professionals Studying at National Chiao Tung University
  27. Measure for National Chiao Tung University Inviting Foreign Scholars and Experts to Open Short-Term Courses
  28. National Chiao Tung University Regulation for the Establishment of Teacher Evaluation Committee|| ||
  29. National Chiao Tung University Leave Application and Substitute Teacher Management Regulations|| ||
  30. Regulations Governing Incentives for Infusion of Service-Learning into the Specialized Curricula
  31. Regulations Governing the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (CTLD)
  32. National Chiao Tung University Guidelines for System Engineering and Technology Program Joint Curriculum
  33. National Chiao Tung University Guidelines for the Implementation of Undergraduate Level Interdisciplinary Micro-credit Courses
  34. Standards for Spending Budget of In-Service Master’s Programs
  35. Course and Classroom Schedule Arrangement Policy
  36. Methods of External Censorship on Courses
  37. Methods of Off-campus Internships
  38. NCTU Foreign Language Course Selection Policy
  39. Regulations on Chinese Course Credits for International Students
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