1st Resume and Interview Competition!!

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1st Resume and Interview Competition!!



Resumes and cover letters have always been essential written documents in the workplace, and of vital importance for college students entering the job market. A good resume and cover letter can win you an interview, and this interview is key to determining whether you can enter your ideal company. Through this English language resume and interview competition, we hope to help students prepare their resumes and cover letters, strengthen their interview skills and enhance their competitiveness.


Key dates:

Registration: 1 November 2019 to 27 November 2019

Students must upload their target job advert, resume and cover letter before 27th November 2019

Announcement of finalists: 4 December 2019

Students who have been selected for the second stage of the competition and invited for interview will be informed by email.

Final: 11 December 2019, 18:30

Individual English interviews will be conducted on stage in front of an audience and judges. Students are invited to be audience members for the event.


Competition outline:

The competition consists of two stages

Stage 1: Application documents:

Applicants must submit three documents:
1) Resume
2) Cover letter
3) Job advert outlining the position for which they are applying

The resume must be factual and detail the applicant’s relevant experience and skills. The applicant may apply for an entry-level position, internship or summer placement at a company relevant to their field of study. The applicant must also provide a copy of the real job advert for the real position for which they wish to apply.

The resume and cover letter will be used to identify the best candidates for interview. Candidates invited for the final interview stage of the competition will be notified by email.

Stage 2: Interview

Successful applicants will be invited to conduct a short English language interview on stage in front of an audience.

Competition content and procedure

Stage 1: Application documents

1) Cover letter: No more than one A4 page, single line spacing
2) Resume: 1 or 2 pages dependent upon experience. No longer than 2 pages
3) Job advert: A copy of the real job advert including the company, position and application requirements

Stage 2: Interview

Students will conduct individual interviews, on stage in front of an interview panel, judges and the audience. The order of interviews will be determined by lottery at the time of registration. Each individual interview will last 5 minutes per person, with 30 seconds allocated to self-introduction and 4-5 minutes for answering interview questions.



Stage 1: Resume and Cover Letter

Layout and structure – 40%
Content – 40% (demonstrating the skills and experience required for the position)
Correct and appropriate language usage – 20%

Stage 2: Interview

Interview skills – 40% (content, confidence, time control, Q&A performance)
Language delivery – 40% (pronunciation, intonation, fluency, accuracy)
Body language and attire – 20%


How to enter:

Submit your job advert, cover letter and resume, combined into a single pdf file.
Email the pdf file to: nctugivemeajob@gmail.com

Both the subject of your email and the name of your pdf file should be:

Job_name_department (For example: Job_JohnnyTsai_CivilEngineering)



The three strongest candidates at interview will win the competition. Prizes will also be awarded for best cover letter and best resume.

The three winners will receive a certificate, a main prize and gift vouchers
Best cover letter will receive a certificate and gift voucher
Best resume will receive a certificate and gift voucher

The total value of all prizes is approximately 40,000NT



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