e-campus 及 i-CT 簡介 E3連結




Introduction to e-Campus and i-CT E3連結

e-Campus – the online learning platform of NCTU – plays such an essential role that many instructors and students have already been satisfied by its rich features from publishing teaching materials, discussion course contents, submitting homework to querying test scores. According to our statistics, there are 1,100 courses every semester use e-Campus to improve their performance of teaching and learning. To catch the famous trend of mobile learning in digital life nowadays, NCTU has successfully developed iCT – the first APP of mobile learning platform – in 2013 with students’ great efforts, brought the power of online learning from computers to mobile devices. e-Campus is planned to be migrated to iCT with careful choice. Instructors and students will be deeply impressed again by the mightiness of mobile learning: Teaching and learning in the cloud campus which is totally space-unbounded and schedule-unlimited.



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