Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Program, 2020-2021






I. 推動目標 Aims

本校2018年起與英國高等教育學院 (Advance HE) 合作,每年舉辦一屆國際高等教育教學認證培訓 (Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education),共3個培訓模組,總計60小時。本校國際高教培訓暨認證中心(Higher Education Accreditation for Teaching, HEAT)主要以輔導教師與博士生提昇高等教育專業教學知能及技巧,使教學符合國際高教專業教學架構標準 (Professional Standards Framework),協助申請並獲得國際高等教育專業認證 (HEA Fellowship)每人參加培訓暨認證之10萬元費用由學校全額補助。
The professional certificate of teaching and learning in advance higher education (Advance HE) program is co-designed within the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) and the Advance HE in the United Kingdom. This program aims to provide faculty and doctoral students with professional training for enhancing teaching and students’ learning in higher education. All participants are encouraged to do some activities and use critical concepts that learn in the program, reflect in the class, and continue to think and to improve how to improve students’ learning. After the program, all participants are required to apply for the HEA certificate using their pedagogical design and personal development.


II. 培訓與認證參與優勢 Benefits

  1. 提昇個人於高等教育的教學職能發展/ Consolidates personal development and evidence of professional practice in your higher education career.
  2. 獲得具國際機構認可的教學衡量標準與內容/ Provides a valuable measure of success and is increasingly recognized by international institutions.
  3. 確保教學符合國際高教專業教學架構標準/ Provides assurance that your institution is fully aligned with UKPSF practice and a badge of assured quality.
  4. 提供個人針對研究/教學反思與探討的機會,實現對教學/學生學習的承諾/ Demonstrates commitment to teaching, learning, and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection, and development.
  5. 獲得英國Advance HE具公信力的國際教學認證證明/ For individuals, to identify their expertise with the entitlement to use post-nominal letters (AFHEA, FHEA, SFHEA, PFHEA).


III. 培訓與認證資訊 Program Information

2020-2021年國際高教培訓分為3個梯次(每梯次各4天),分別於9月、11月與隔年1月舉行。參與者需於9月第一梯次的培訓前,先繳交3萬元國際高教培訓暨認證保證金。參與者3個梯次都需要參加並完成活動(每梯次僅能請假4小時)。參與者完成至少60小時培訓後,會先獲得Advance HE頒贈的證書。培訓後需於隔年4月完成3,000字教學反思的國際高等教育專業認證 (HEA Fellowship)申請;申請認證後將退還保證金。
The program will be three modules (4 days each) within one academic year, from September 2020 to July 2021. All participants need to attend all modules and finish assigned tasks. Participants only can be asking for leave for 4 hours in each module. After completing the training program, participants will be awarded a training certificate from Advance HE as passing the below rule of attendance. All participants will also be required to apply for the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship with a 3,000-word reflective commentary.


IV. 參與者 Who can apply?

  1. 交通大學專任教師/博士生/博士後/ Faculty members, Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral researchers from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)
    • 未來想共同擔任培訓講師的教師/Those who are willing to serve as co-trainers in the coming years.
    • 想要自我成長與提昇教學的教師/ Faculty members.
    • 已獲得/想獲得教學獎的教師“Outstanding Teaching Awards” and “Remarkable Teaching Awards” recipients.
    • 未來想擔任高教教師的博士生/博士後/Ph.D. students/ Post-doctoral researchers.
  2. 陽明大學專任教師Faculty members in National Yang Ming University (NYMU)
  3. 共同參與教育部深耕計畫之全球鏈結/國際競爭力的合作夥伴:臺灣大學、清華大學、成功大學的專任教師/ Faculty members of universities implementing International Competitiveness Project under the Higher Education Sprout Project, including National Taiwan University (NTU), National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU).

*名額上限25The maximum number of trainees is 25.


V. 費用Fee

  1. 交通大學與陽明大學參與的教師/博士生/博士後,每人參加培訓暨認證之10萬元費用由學校全額補助。 Free for NCTU and NYMU faculty, Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral researchers. NCTU subsidies each participant NT$100,000 for the training and fellowship application fee for NCTU and NYMU pa
  2. 交通大學與陽明大學參與的教師/博士生/博士後,成功報名計畫後,每人於第一梯次培訓前需繳交3萬元保證金。保證金將於通過3梯次60小時培訓時數、完成培訓中活動,並於2021年4月12日(前)繳交3,000字國際高等教育專業認證 (HEA Fellowship)申請後,跑學校流程退還保證金。
  • Each NCTU and NYMU participants will be required to deposit of NT$30,000 as enrolling the program successfully. The deposit will return as completing all modules’ requirements and submitting the application.
  • Attend all modules (An excused leave of 4 hours in each module is permitted).
  • Finish all assigned tasks during or after each module.
  • Submit the fellowship application (with 2 recommendation letters) before April 12th , 2021.


VI. 申請Apply

  1. 依身份填寫完【教師申請表】Filling out the “Faculty form”
    • Personal profile
    • Fall semester course information,2020
    • Courses offered in the past two years
  2. 依身份填寫完【博士生/博士後申請表】Filling out the “Ph.D. / Doctoral Form.”
    • Personal profile
    • Fall semester course information,2020
    • Proof of English proficiency:the most recent language certification documents (e.g., TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS) OR any other relevant documents that can verify your English proficiency
    • English curriculum vitae and self-introduction, which also includes your future plan
    • A recommendation letter from your advisor
    • Proposed your teaching plan and offered your potential course details in the Ph.D. Form
  3. 申請表填寫完畢後請Mail回傳至教務處國際高教培訓暨認證中心 張助理(cathych@mail.nctu.edu.tw) 分機:31262   Mail back your  “Faculty form” or “Ph.D. / Doctoral Form.” to Cathy Chang.


VII. 重要注意事項Important notes

  1. 將嚴格控管出席狀況,3梯次的培訓均需全程參與 (每梯次最多只能請假4小時)。未達60小時培訓時數,恕不退還保證金。Strict attendance requirements will be enforced. Unexcused absences will result in the required withdrawal from the program without a deposit refund.
  2. 培訓後需向Advance HE申請國際高教認證,未申請認證,保證金將無法退還。After training, you need to apply for the HEA Fellowship. Otherwise, the deposit will not be refunded.
  3. 若您未達成所需培訓時數,僅完成國際高教認證申請,亦不退還保證金。If you complete the certification application without sufficient training hours, the deposit will not be refunded.
  4. 交通大學國際高教培訓暨認證中心保留調整各審核/繳費/培訓/認證等重要日期,以及調整培訓內容的權利,以因應突發狀況或不可抗拒之因素。NCTU reserves the right to adjust dates and training details to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.