e3 加課程助教 - 操作說明 // How to add Teaching Assistant in e3 system?


1. 登入 e3
login ( e3.nctu.edu.tw ) 

2. 在「當期課程」中選擇課程
select a course in the “current course” list

3. 點選左方功能列中的「成員列表」
click on “members” (left side of the webpage)

4. 點選成員列表頁面右上方的「加入助教」
 click on “Add Assistant” (up-right side of the webpage)

5. 請用學生學號或姓名搜尋資料,請於正確的姓名資料右方打勾
search TA’s info with student ID or name, then check the check box of the correct student

6. 點「確定」這樣就完成嚕!
click “save”...... and ... Done!!

You can confirm the TA’s list by clicking on “member list”.

For further information, please fell fee to contact with us.

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