e3 加課程助教 – 操作說明 // How to add Teaching Assistant in e3 system?

By 數位內容製作中心 | 2016-09-14 JUNE 7, 2017 |


1. 登入 e3
login ( e3.nctu.edu.tw )

2. 在「當期課程」中選擇課程
select a course in the “current course” list

3. 點選左方功能列中的「成員列表」
click on “members” (left side of the webpage)

4. 點選成員列表頁面右上方的「加入助教」
click on “Add Assistant” (up-right side of the webpage)

5. 請用學生學號或姓名搜尋資料,請於正確的姓名資料右方打勾
search TA’s info with student ID or name, then check the check box of the correct student

6. 點「確定」這樣就完成嚕!
click “save”…… and … Done!!

You can confirm the TA’s list by clicking on “member list”.

For further information, please fell fee to contact with us.

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